Frankie Goes to Hollywood!!

Midnight Insanity would like to thank everyone for coming to the "Frankie Goes to Hollywood" convention, and we're glad to hear so many people had a such wonderful time. :-)

For the benefit of those too timid to hop onto the newsgroup (wise choice!), and also just so we can keep all these cherished memories in one place ... the following is an archive of comments posted to the newsgroup, submitted to our website, or sent via Email to Bill.

Attempts have been made to keep things in chronological order, and we tried to keep all them newsgroup threads together (real threads ... not just replies!!)

Don't see your comment here? Send a copy in Email to Bill and we'll see about posting it here!!

Thanks again!!
Midnight Insanity

Convention Comments

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Newsgroup Posts (Part 2)
Newsgroup Posts (Part 3)
Newsgroup Posts (Part 4)
Newsgroup Posts (Part 5)
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Emailed Comments

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