Frankie Goes to Hollywood!!


Convention Itinerary


Our convention will open with an early bird reception and dance. There will be no theme, no contests, no auctions, special performances or raffles to worry about. We have a ballroom reserved and a cash bar and we will be playing the top requested party songs from the RHPS community. The White Trash Debutantes will play select songs from Shock Treatment and RHPS, as well as some original songs and surprise covers! Point is you will be able to dance and socialize and unwind and drink and just enjoy the people and dress how you want to dress. No food provided. The party starts at 8:00 PM.

FRIDAY JUNE 22 Afternoon

Muscle Man Safari. Walk outside the hotel and cross the street and board the bus (Public Transportation takes you right there...MI Reps will ride with you) to Santa Monica Pier for an afternoon at the "cage" staring at the hardbodies and weightlifters at Muscle Beach (You have seen it on TV...our whole cast bulks up there on weekends.) Throw food at them. Throw yourselves at them. We will bring you back home in little cups.

There is also the world famous Santa Monica Pier with shops, a Ferris wheel and recreational activities. There is also a beach of course if you want to do more of those RHPS Swimsuit photos for Ruth. OR you could spend your day shopping and seeing the sights in Hollywood. We have included a list of Must-See locations, and some of the more RHPS-oriented shops in the Hollywood Area within walking distance.


We have rented the Blossom Room at the Roosevelt Hotel. This is where the very first Academy Awards (Oscars) were held. The suggested theme for this night is to dress as your favorite celebrity and make the event come alive with the ghosts of Hollywood legends, living or dead (sic). There will be snacks and munchies but you might want to grab dinner beforehand.

There will be guest award presenters and special performances. It will be the same format as the Oscars, complete with professionally written bad jokes and awards for things like who came the furthest and who came the most. Many people in attendance will not know they are being considered for awards but they may win them it or not. Who will win BEST ASS? WORST HAIR? BEST SERVANT? FUNNIEST CAST NAME? BEST PARODY OF AN ART LAVESQUE PARODY? (Categories subject to change.) Some of these categories will be voted on at registration.


Shock Treatment will be shown on a wide projection screen in the Blossom Room with a full live cast.


Blossom Room again 1PM-9PM (approx) Rocky Trade Show. Many exciting vendors are planning to come including of course Sal who always has a great selection of merchandise and Joe Price who designed both of Sal's Capes and is bringing some RHPS Denim Jackets and special edition T Shirts. Sal will likely deliver a fan club message.

There will be a Raffle, and there will be a separate room for the auction for those who would like to attend (You do not have to be a bidder to attend). There may be additional special performances depending on what casts are doing. There will be a separate room for the costume contest judging which will be done by secret ballot towards the end of the session. This way contestants can be judged without concern for taking time away from the main show, there will be no dead time while the judges nitpick costumes. Secret ballots will be tallied by a licensed CPA and the results will be presented in sealed envelopes when the contestants are presented later that night before Rocky. Judging and Award presentation will be just a couple hours apart so contestants can stay in costume while waiting for the award ceremony. All contestants will be presented to the general assembly before Rocky so everybody will get to show their costume.


After the Trade Show session we will have a "Don't Walk on Red" Parade across the street from the hotel to the theater...which is about 200 feet. We will call the Guinness People to see if they want to be on hand to see the largest, shortest RHPS Parade ever that did not end up in the largest group Time Warp in history. If Guinness does not want to put us in the book of records, maybe they will just give us beer.

Finally we will have the costume contest awards, RHPS with live cast featuring a "One Night Only" cast of select performers.

After the movie, we will all be meeting at Canterís Deli for knish and matzo brie and maybe a nice BLT sandwich, or whatever goyim alternative you desire. They DO serve just about any food you can imagine (Including, but not limited to, shark, pickles, brains and cheese toast.) One of the best things they have is a cheese sandwich named after Marilyn Monroe. She used to get it there all the time. The cheese sandwich that is.

SUNDAY June 24 Afternoon

We will probably just line up cars in front of the hotel and start filling the empty seats to ride to the Eat a Dik Pik Nik and Softball Showdown between East Coast and West Coast. All manner of Dik Shaped foods will be served...including vegetarian Franks. The West Coast is assembling a team and the East Coast will have to learn what softball is as we rush towards the showdown for all supremacy once and for all...all in fun.

After all that you should probably go home.


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