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The Transylvanian Tymes

Special Edition
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
January 15, 2000
Welcome to Wonderland

         Good evening and welcome to our special "Alice in Wonderland" themed Rocky Horror Picture Show, in celebration of Midnight Insanity's 12th Birthday!!! To help us mark this special event, I thought it was appropriate to churn out a special birthday issue of the "Transylvanian Tymes", the cast's intermittent newspaper. We certainly hope you enjoy the evening, and to those of you who dressed up, we appreciate the added effort!! For now, we'll recap the *fabulous* year that was 1999...

MI's 11th Birthday

         What better place to start than our 11th birthday last year? Our 11th birthday show was graced with the presence of numerous out-of-town guests, from as nearby as Topanga and Northern Californians, and as far away as the East Coast!! In addition, we were treated to an encore performance of "Dueling Franks" (originally performed in 1993 in Las Vegas), and the "Masochism Tango", which was also performed at the Tucson Convention!!

RHS at the Tiffany

         Earlier in the year, MI got to participate in a very special event. "The Rocky Horror Show" (the play) had a short run at the Tiffany Theatre in L.A. We went up to help out with publicity (dodging cars on Sunset Blvd.), support the show, and were even invited down to welcome their new Frank, Bob Simon. Although the show only ran a few months, it was a top notch

performance, and was a heck of a lot of fun to see. :-)

Fuck the Hotel!!

         In April, we all headed out to Denver, Colorado for "Rocky Rocks the Rockies". While the convention itself was fun, the event was fraught with many problems stemming from the hotel's bitchy, annoying, I've'-got-'a -dead-end-job-and-I-hate-my'-`life staff. Despite such nonsense, MI performed "Transylvanian Paradise" (by request), took home several awards, and brought back a rather catchy chant (see title :-)).

Your L.S.D. Alternative...

         Midnight Insanity launched a brand- spankin' new website, precisely at Midnight on April 1st, complete with a ton of pictures, an "Audience Member of the Month" page, and a new "MI Graffiti" wall for folks to hang out and spew much nonsense (as one of the spewers, I feel validated to say that!!) Our website has now seen nearly 15,000 hits and features Cast Bios, Audience Participation Scripts, a plethora of links to other bizarre pages, and lots more. The tag line (above) is for those who remember our initial opening page. :-)

Theme Nights

         In addition to our ever-popular Lingerie Nights, we've also held numerous Theme Nights to give you guys (and us!) a chance to do Rocky in a slightly different fashion ... to put it mildly. :-) This year we hosted over a dozen theme nights, including Rocky Soup, 60s Night, Gothic Pastel

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Night, Rookie Horror, Redneck Night, Geeky Horror, Toga Night, Dead Celebrities Night, Pimp and Hooker Night, Monster Horror, Halloween, Tacky Horror, a Schoolgirl Lingerie Night (for my birthday no less ... thanks preshow guys!), and ...

Hotter than Hell

         "Ever dance with the devil by the pale moonlight?" Midnight Insanity had nearly 400 people who says they did!! It was inevitable, I suppose. When you perform for 10+ years, you're bound to hit Show #666, and we decided that ours was going to be a night in HELL!! People came out in droves for this monumentous occasion ... we'd never seen so many horny people (oohhh, bad!!) in our lives!! We've got to say that YOU, the audience, really made that a night to remember. It's really too bad we couldn't do it more often... :-)

Performing with God

         The Man, the Myth, the Musical Genius ... all rolled into one. His name is Richard O'Brien, creator of RHPS (and Riff Raff, of course!), and we got to PERFORM with him!! In August, we were selected to join Richard O'Brien on stage at Rhino Retrofest!! Richard performed several songs off his new album, "Absolute O'Brien" (it's smashing, go get a copy!!), and then sang "The Time Warp", along with Becky (as Magenta), Reign (as Columbia), and the rest of MI's performers dancing in the background. For those interested in Richard's latest work, look for the new "Time Warp 2000" CD Single, on the merchandise table in the lobby...

Southwestern Hospitality

         In October, MI took off for Tucson, AZ to attend "El Fishnet Fiesta", a Rocky convention held by our good friends "A Jump to the Left". This was a *very* top-notch convention. The cast and crew couldn't have

been friendlier, or more helpful. The parties ran all night and into daylight hours, and this time the hotel staff was so friendly, that several of them got laid at the con!! MI performed "The Evil Dead Picture Show" (aka the "Dentonomicon"), a melding of Rocky Horror, and "Evil Dead". In addition, MI cast members picked up about half-a- dozen more trophies in the costume contest. :-) We'd like to take a moment to thank AJTTL for putting on such a fabulous con ... it was truly an excellent weekend!!

The Queens of all Media

         Although we do Rocky for fun, it's always nice to get recognized. This year, Midnight Insanity appeared on KTLA morning news, KABC and KTTV morning weather (Time Warping, no less!!), a Rocky Horror Fanzine called "Crazed Imaginations" (one issue featuring cast, one issue featuring Bill/Brad), and on VH-1's "Behind the Music", part of a whole Rocky Horror/Halloween weekend special.

Closing Comments

         Midnight Insanity would like to thank the Art Theatre Management and crew, for allowing us to perform here *every fucking week*; Hof's Hut (and Jill!), for giving us our room with a view; Richard O'Brien, for being so DAMN cool!!; Sal Piro (President of the RHPS fan club) for joining us in May; VH-1 for coming down to film us; The Tiffany RHS Cast and crew; Rhino Records for throwing the Retrofest; Everyone who dressed up for our various theme nights; All the folks who hang out on the Graffiti Wall ... you're very amusing :-); Everyone who showed up to our Millennium New Year's Party ... and all those who helped us drink the leftover beer; a certain blonde who baked me cookies :-); and, of course, all of you, our loving and faithful audience, who've really helped to make 1999 a year to remember!! Now, go have some cake!!!

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