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Special Edition
Written by Bill--"Brad Majors"
January 19, 2002
"She’s Just 14......Little Movie Star Queen..." -- Tim Curry
Just 14

         Welcome to Midnight Insanity's 14th Birthday Celebration ... "The year we enter puberty" (or as so anointed by our Pre-Show hosts). Tonight marks the end of a simply incredible year for Midnight Insanity ... and that's what this occasionally-published "cast newspaper" is all about! But first, we'd like to thank everyone who made it down to our Birthday Show, and we hope that you'll join us for the Birthday Party tomorrow (see Mark). Now, it's actually been two years since our last printing ... but since my memory isn't so great (and space is limited), we'll primarily be covering MI's 2001.

Hooray for Hollywood...

         Well, if there was anything that'll mark MI's 2001 best, it would be our "Frankie Goes to Hollywood" Rocky Horror convention, which took place last June. This was the third RHPS convention thrown by Midnight Insanity, and it was by and far the most ambitious. We began by making it a four-day convention (typically cons are only 2 days), and filled it with a rockin' party featuring the "White Trash Debutantes" (who will play at our party tomorrow!!); a full blown "Oscar Horror Picture Show" awards ceremony; two feature films: "A Regular Frankie Fan" (from Magick Films) and "Elvira's Haunted Hills" (featuring Richard O'Brien!!); full cast performances of both Rocky Horror and Shock Treatment; and finally a Sunday afternoon picnic and softball game. Special guests at the

convention included Lady Patricia Quinn, Bob Simon (Award winning "Frank", from the Tiffany "Rocky Horror Show" Production), "Elvira, Mistress of the Dark" (Cassandra Peterson), and of course, Sal Piro (President of the RHPS fan club). We also performed not one, but THREE all-new Special Performances at the con, including "Willkommen" (which you'll see tonight), "Lady Stardust" (available for download on the web, ask Becky!), and "Girl for All Seasons" (featuring all of M.I.'s Trixies!!) Now, if you missed out on the con, we have a treat for you as we'll be doing an encore performance tonight of the "Willkommen" number, that we performed at the con. The rest you'll have to look up on our website.

Little Movie Star Queen

         They say that everyone has their "15 minutes of fame". Perhaps one of the benefits of being in MI is that we get to pool all of ours together. :-) Magick Films was working on a project called "A Regular Frankie Fan", described it as "a unique look into the colorful world of fans of the `Rocky Horror Picture Show'" (yes, that means YOU!!) ... and showed us an initial cut in October 2000. This year, they released "A Regular Frankie Fan" on both VHS and DVD, and included "bonus" footage from our Hollywood convention! They also held a full blown "Premiere Party" at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, where we performed a couple of numbers and then partied with them at a club nearby. You can pick up a copy for yourself in the lobby, or get your copy on-line at www.rockystore.com.

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San Diego Comic-Con

         For the second year running, Midnight Insanity made a special appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con. The first year was an exercise in attempting to fit everyone into one tiny room, only to have to quickly move ~500 people into the "big" hall on short notice. This year they were prepared for us, and M.I. performed Rocky for nearly 800 eager fans, including guests from "Crazed Imaginations" (Encinitas, CA), "The Bawdy Caste" (Menlo Park, CA), "A Jump to the Left" (Tucson, AZ), and even "The Vicarious Theater Company" (Seattle, WA), and of course Rob, who has now twice flown in all the way from New Jersey to perform Riff with us!!

Things to do in Denver...

         After the 1999 Denver Rocky Horror con (and the suckiest hotel known to man), there were many, many reasons to never return there ... least of all to do Rocky Horror. Last year, however, the folks out there were putting together a huge Rocky Horror performance at the "Red Rocks Ampitheatre", and they asked us to perform. Thus, Steve (Frank) and Bill (Brad) flew out to Denver to join "Colorado's Elusive Ingredient" and perform a single show, on a Tuesday (July 10th), fighting through torrential rains, lightning, thunder, floods and even hailstones, to make it to the stage. Despite all that, the show was still an immense success with an "official" headcount of about 2,600, and an "unofficial" guess of nearly 6,000 ... due to all the ticket-takers fleeing from the storm. If you saw the pics, you'd have fled, too!!

Cross Country Rocky

         In October 2001, Rocky Horror fans congregated in Orlando, Florida for the convention known as "Rocky Horror Vacations". This was truly a fabulous

convention, complete with special guest Sue Blane, the costume designer for both Rocky Horror and Shock Treatment!! Steve and Bill performed again, though this time as "Riff" and "Brad". Although this ended up being a smaller-than-usual con (due to no fault by the planning committee), it made for a very "cozy" convention, where you really got a chance to meet everyone there. We also got to terrorize the folks down at Universal's "Halloween Horror Nights", and learned that them street-spooks really hate Rocky people ... `cause we scared them more than they scared us!!

Insanity Squared

         I honestly don't think M.I. could have asked for a better year. 2001 proved to be a truly record breaking year for us, with over 7000 of you in attendance!! Our "Frankie Goes to Hollywood" convention exceeded our wildest expectations, and *nobody* could have predicted that one day we'd have our faces on the cover of a DVD ("A Regular Frankie Fan") that's being sold in stores around the nation!! As we look forward to 2002, we don't know what the year will bring, but it will never dissapoint us as long as all of you are here!!

Closing Comments

         Midnight Insanity would like to thank the Art Theatre, for allowing us to perform here *every fucking week*; the good folks at Hof's Hut, for giving us our room with a view; Pat Quinn, Bob Simon, Cassandra Peterson and Sal Piro for joining us in June; Magick Films, for ... well, everything :-); everyone who pitched in for the Red Cross donations drive ... all said and done our total donations exceeded $2000 for the 9/11 disaster relief fund ... you guys ROCK!!; and of course, all of you wild, wacky, freaky folks who come down to Time Warp with us *every fucking week* ... and strip down to show us your skivvies, every fucking month!! :-)

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