Cirque Du Rockeil
Convention Invitation

Cirque du Rockeil       June 23-26 2005       Las Vegas Nevada
Hosts and Organizers:  Midnight Insanity
Phone: 562-572-8624        Email and paypal:

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2286 E. Carson St. #230
Long Beach CA 90807


Midnight Insanity would like to invite you to the MOTHERFUCKER OF ALL CONVENTIONS PART DEUX..."CIRQUE DU ROCKEIL" ask anyone who went to FRANKIE GOES TO was a MONSTERCON!!! This will be our fourth national convention. We will be celebrating the 30th anniversary of Rocky Horror AND the 24th Anniversary of Shock Treatment.

At FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD in 2001, we invented the extended convention. It was the first convention that went four days instead of two. The con you can see on our website. Once again we are planning FOUR DAYS OF DEBAUCHERY, this time in SIN CITY!!!

We have tried to allow a lot of time for unstructured fun. We want to give you an OD of RHPS but also a chance to put on your dancing shoes, express yourselves, and hang out with friends. We think the following (subject to modification) itinerary will allow for all of that. If your work or travel arrangements do not permit the extra day, do not worry. We will be confining all RHPS and ST specific events to Friday and Saturday.

THURSDAY JUNE 23 (time to be announced) We will open with an early bird reception and dance. There will be convention registration where you will receive your badge and tickets, programs, t-shirts or other items you pre-ordered or that are included with the con package. There will be no theme dress code, no contests, no auctions, special performances or raffles to worry about so if you are unable to come until Friday you will not miss anything RHPS oriented. We have a ballroom reserved and a cash bar. Minimum gambling and drinking age is 21. Enjoy the music of SONIC TRANSDUCER...The Midnight Insanity House Band. There will also be a DJ spinning MP3's. (They spin do they? Shut up smart ass!) You will be able to dance and socialize and unwind and drink and just enjoy the people and dress how you want to dress. There will be some light snack food but not a full spread so eat before you come. There are plenty of places to grab a bite at or near the hotel if you get hungry during the party. There is a deli right outside the ballroom that is open 24 hours.

FRIDAY JUNE 24 (times to be announced) Sleep in. Enjoy a GOOD Buffet. (See convention staff to find out where a good buffet is and is not). Gamble and drink for free (if you are 21). Play arcade games and sightsee. Go next door to Treasure Island and buy a skull. Go to the WORLDS LARGEST GIFT SHOP. Visit old downtown Fremont Street and see the Rock and Roll light show. Visit the Mall next door where there are many posh shops, including Fredericks Of Hollywood, or ride the Stratosphere, or the Coney Island Roller Coaster at New York New York. Go to the Star Trek Experience at the Hilton. Before you know it it will be.....

FRIDAY NIGHT (Is it SOUP yet?) Special Original Unique Performances ( is finally SOUP) by casts from around the country that took the time and energy to get off their ass and do something entertaining to showcase the talent from their home theater. This is where you put yourself on the Rocky Map so summon all your creativity and design a performance of ten minutes or less that bears your own unique stamp. See website or send SASE for hardcopy info on guidelines, parameters, staging info, light and sound specs etc. ALSO The Second Quadrennial DAVID AWARDS going to the best of the worst among us for Exemplary Accomplishment in arbitrary fields chosen by the host cast and awarded by community vote (in some cases) and Committee Proclamation in others. Remember BEST ASS? MOST FUCKABLE? BEST DOCUMENTARY? MOST ANAL? Well expect more of the same...but not the same. Address by RHPS Fan Club President SAL PIRO. ALSO Late registrations at the door. There is a Gilleys in the hotel and we are trying to arrange a RHPS LINGERIE BULL RIDING CONTEST..stay tuned.)

FRIDAY AT MIDNIGHT Shock Treatment with live cast. When you wake up it will be......

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