Frankie Goes to Hollywood!!

Ticket Prices

YES!! Tickets are still available for the con. You can call ahead to Mark Tomaino (562 988 3650), send him Email, or purchase them at the door.

Ticket Prices are as follows:

    $75 for the four day event

    $30 for the Friday Oscar Horror Awards Show (includes Shock Treatment at Midnight)

    $30 for the Saturday movie festival (includes Magick Films, Elvira's new movie and Rocky Horror)

    $15 dollars for the Sunday picnic alone (includes the Softball Grudge Match!!)

    $10 for Rocky Horror alone, to be shown at a theater on Hollywood Boulevard that must rename nameless for the purpose of reasons...but how often do you get to go to Rocky on Saturday night and dance the TW with Pat?

Hotel rooms are still available, and James Norman just got plane tickets from Phoenix, AZ for a paltry $71.50 (on Southwest). You might also check out airfare prices with William Shatner at ... because let's face it, you DON'T wanna miss this con!!

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