Rhino Retrofest

On Friday the 13th, August 1999, Midnight Insanity was given the distinct honor and privilege of performing at Rhino Retrofest, along with Rocky Horror creator, Richard O'Brien:

THE Richard O'Brien!!!

Richard performed several songs off his new CD, "Absolute O'Brien" as well as doing a couple of songs from Rocky Horror.

Midnight Insanity performers Becky (Magenta) and Reign (Columbia) joined Richard for "The Time Warp", and sang their parts LIVE!!

Becky as Magenta Reign as Columbia

Check out our collection of pictures, sound bytes, and movie clips from the day's events, including a few extras like a KLOS 95.5FM Radio Interview!!

Audio Clips
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The Time Warp

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Hear what Richard O'Brien had to say about
Midnight Insanity

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Richard O'Brien on KLOS 95.5 FM
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KLOS Interview Part 1 (3447k)
KLOS Interview Part 2 (1893k)
KLOS Interview Part 3 (1875k)
KLOS Interview Part 4 (2632k)

Video Clips
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The Time Warp

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Photos from the Fest

Ritz Sings!

Ritz Signs!

The Batmobile!

Becky at 6:00AM

Bill gets Stoked!

Bill and the Bald Man

Bill and the CAR

BoB Terrorizes ROB

A Flat?

Diego and the CAR

The OTHER car.

Indy and the Bald Man

Indy and the CAR

The Dean Mobile

Richard meets Kiem

Marty get's Knighted

Marty and Becky meet ROB

Another Autograph

Michael meets Missing Persons

Reign and Mr. Clean

Reign, Michael and Scooby

Shelly and her, um...

Sweet T

Coffee Boy?


Trannies in Sunlight!

Brad and Janet come home

Andy Warhol

The Gangs All Here

Waiting for the Show

A Happy Guy

Mark being patient



Lost in Time

Singin' Backup Left

Singin' Backup Right

Time Warp One

Becky Singin'

Reign Singin'

Becky... Still Singin'

Reign... Still Singin'

The Man Himself

Stage, Ritz and Us

Stage, Ritz, Audience and Us


Hope you had a good time!!


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