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Midnight Insanity began at the Landmark Balboa Theatre in Newport Beach, California on January 16, 1988, and performed there for four years until the theater closed on November 30, 1991, ending the Rocky Horror tradition for the Balboa Fun Zone which had started in the late 1970s.

Midnight Insanity soon moved to the Art Theatre in Long Beach, opening on January 11, 1992. The cast performed at the Art for an amazing 14-year run, with their final show being on Thursday, July 27, 2006.

Midnight Insanity was then invited to perform in the Royal Theater, aboard the Historic Queen Mary. Opening night was on August 26, 2006, which necessitated adding a second performance that evening, in order to accomodate all the attendees. Midnight Insanity performed aboard the Queen Mary until a change in management caused the show to abruptly close on February 9, 2008.

Without missing a beat, Midnight Insanity moved to the fabulous Warner Grand in San Pedro. The theatre is a historic landmark, and has been recently restored. Opening night was on February 16, 2008, and the cast has been performing there ever since.

The cast also performed Fridays at the Topanga Theater in Woodland Hills from October 1996 through May 1998; as well as Fridays at the 4 Star Cinema in Garden Grove from July 1999 through September 1999.

They are the only Rocky cast to be honored by a municipality as the mayor proclaimed January 17th, 1995 "Midnight Insanity Day" in Long Beach in recognition of various fundraising activities and work with local youth. Currently, the cast operates a 24 hour crisis hotline staffed by volunteer members of the cast. Midnight Insanity is a non profit organization and survives solely on the donations of their audience and castmembers.

The cast and its members have performed at national conventions at Fox studios in Hollywood for the 15th, Beverly Hills, Hollywood at the 20th, Denver, Tucson, San Jose and Las Vegas for the 25th.

During the 20th Anniversary, after their special performance at the Pantages, Rocky Horror creator Richard O'Brien requested the backdrop they had painted and used as a set.

In 1993 Midnight Insanity sponsored and hosted "The Age of Consent," a National Convention at the Hilton in Long Beach commemorating the 18th Anniversary of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". This event was attended by fans from across the country which featured an appearance by radio legend, Dr. Demento. The convention raised over $1000 for AIDS Project Los Angeles.

In June of 1997, Midnight Insanity hosted the 22nd Annual National Rocky Horror Convention, "The Light in the Darkness", at the "Inn at the Park" hotel in Anaheim, CA. The two-day convention was attended by numerous casts from around the country, as well as people from as far away as Milan, Italy.

In August of 1999, Midnight Insanity was selected to perform at Rhino Retrofest with Rocky Horror creator, Richard O'Brien.

In July of 2000, Midnight Insanity participated in a Rocky documentary called "A Regular Frankie Fan", which was put together by "Magick Films" and is currently available on both VHS and DVD, in stores everywhere.

In June of 2001, Midnight Insanity hosted "Frankie Goes to Hollywood", a 4-day Rocky Horror Convention in the heart of Hollywood, CA. This convention featured guest stars Patricia Quinn (Magenta from RHPS), Bob Simon (Frank from the Rocky Horror Show), and Cassandra Peterson (Elvira, Mistress of the Dark); and was attended by folks from around the country, plus a few dedicated fans from Japan.

In June of 2005, Midnight Insanity hosted Cirque Du Rockeil, another 4-day Rocky Horror Convention. This convention was held in Sin City, Las Vegas, NV.

In September of 2005, Midnight Insanity performed at the Hollywood Bowl to celebrate Rocky Horror's 30th Anniversary, along with nearly 8000 fans!! Our opening band was Louis XIV, and our lovely MC for the evening was Jane Wiedlin from the Go-Gos and various other projects.

Yoo hoo, yoo hoo a pirate's life for me. Do you want to lead a pirate's life? In July of 2007, Midnight Insanity held our fifth Rocky Horror Convention, The Pirates of Transylvania. This convention was held aboard the Queen Mary, where we raised the Pirate flag, and went off to raid nearby ships in the Port of Long Beach.

Midnight Insanity castmembers have won several convention awards for costumes including "Frank", "Janet", "Brad", "Riff-Raff", "Magenta", "Columbia", "Eddie", "Dr. Scott" and "Transylvanian". At the 15th Anniversary, Midnight Insanity won for "Midget" Transylvanian. At the 20th Anniversary, Midnight Insanity won for Best Eddie, Riff, Magenta and Transylvanian. At the 25th Anniversary, we won for Best Eddie, Dr. Scott and "Kimi Wong" Transylvanian.

Midnight Insanity has promoted Rocky Horror on national TV during Doo-Dah parades, the Fox-TV Television Special in October 1993, in the Drew Carey Show's 1996-1997 season finale, "New York and Queens", and on VH-1's "Behind the Music" in 1999.

Midnight Insanity celebrated 20 years of performing as Rocky Horror cast, and performed a true Double Feature with back-to-back performances to two packed houses, over the course of about six hours.

In January 2009, Midnight Insanity celebrated their 21st Birthday, featuring a themed Special Performance, dozens of MI Cast Alumni, and an appearance from Celebrity Guest: Jamie Donnelly.


Numerous articles in The District Weekly, during our move from the Queen Mary to the Warner Grand, in February 2008
Featured in the Los Angeles Times "Guide" section, celebrating 20 years of Midnight Insanity, in January 2008
Performed at the Hollywood Bowl in September of 2005, celebrating 30 years of Rocky Horror
Featured segment in "Toast", Long Beach Highlight show, in April 2005
Featured article in the CSULB's "Dig" Magazine, in October 2004
Featured article in the Long Beach City College "Viking", on January 29, 2004
Marched in the Long Beach Gay Pride Parade, on May 18, 2003
Guest performed the Time Warp at UC Irvine, on March 7, 2003
Noted in "Christianity Today", on February 17, 2003
Featured article in "The Los Angeles Times Magazine", on February 16, 2003
MI's 15th Birthday reported in the Long Beach "Grunion Gazette", on January 23, 2003
"The Division", episode "Full Moon", shown July 21, 2002
Special performances at the Egyptian Theatre for the DVD release of "A Regular Frankie Fan" on October 30, 2001
Performed at "Comic-Con 2001" in San Diego on July 21, 2001
Guest performed at a special Rocky Horror showing at the "Red Rocks Ampitheatre" in Denver, CO on July 10, 2001
"Double Feature" performance at the Zanuck Theatre on the 20th Century Fox Lot, October 31, 2000
Featured in "A Regular Frankie Fan", produced by Magick Films in October 2000
KROQ and Virgin Megastore Rocky Horror DVD Promotion in October 8, 2000
Performed at "Comic-Con 2000" in San Diego on July 22, 2000
VH-1's "Behind the Music" Rocky Horror Special on October 31, 1999
Performed with Richard O'Brien at Rhino Retrofest on August 13, 1999
Performed "Transylvanian Paradise", by request, at the Denver Rocky Convention in April 1999
Publicity stunts for the "Rocky Horror Show" at the Tiffany Theatre in December 1998 and March 1999
Special original performance at 20th Anniversary fan club party at The Roxy and at the Pantages
Performed for Redlands University on December 2, 1997
Performed at the Mann Cinema 21 in San Diego on October 31, 1997
Performed for Cal State Northridge on August 26, 1997
"The Drew Carey Show", episode "New York and Queens", shown May 14, 1997
Selected as Cast of the Month on, in December 1995
Participated on the new AP track for the RHPS LaserDisc in 1995
VH1 RHPS Documentary shown 10/21/95
Appeared with O'Brien and Quinn on syndicated Stephanie Miller Show 10/19/95
Chosen by the Fox to perform at press conference for 20th in Hollywood
CNN Hollywood Report
UPN News Channel 13 LA
Rocky Horror documentary shown in Germany, 1993
Filmed vignettes for Fox Television national broadcast of the movie on October 16, 1993
Books: "Creatures of the Night" and "Creatures of the Night II"
Hosted "Peoples Choice Video"
Guests Hosted "The Love Channel" with ex KROQ D.J. Poorman.
Annual participants in "The Doo-Dah" parade for the last seven years
Featured in The Long Beach Press Telegram, L.A. Times and O.C. Register
Featured in video footage in Fifteenth Anniversary video release
Recorded video footage and audio sountrack on Twentieth Anniversary Laser Disc
Fox 11 News 10/28/95
Represented Budweiser at Live Bait in Long Beach as part of their Halloween 1996 Promotion
Illegal Interns on KMET Los Angeles
Strange Universe-UPN Network
"Cinematique Report" - TV Tokyo's Hollywood Report (Shown in Japan)
Performed at the "Glam Slam" on August 27, 1993
Performed at "Marilyn's" nightclub in LA, in 1991
Performed at the 15th Anniversary in Los Angeles, on October 20, 1990


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