Cirque Du Rockeil
Trixie Revue

Attention all Trixies!!!

The MI House Band, Sonic Transducer, will be performing a live rendition of "Science Fiction/Double Feature" at Cirque Du Rockeil on the Saturday of the con at the Cashman Theater. We are looking for a plethora/gaggle/swarm of Trixies who are willing to put together a Cigarette Girl/Popcorn Girl costume. This is also open to male applicants, but we request some sort of usher costume ... unless you wish to do drag, which is always acceptable. Costume color does not matter, so long as it's a Cig/Popcorn/Usher. We'd prefer "Trixie boxes" for props, if you can. You may strip if you chose, so long as you don't go any farther than a THONG (NOT A G-STRING!) and pasties. Stripping is NOT required. Our goal is to have many different styles of Trixie all performing at the same time. The Sonic Transducer version of SFDF is fairly heavy (but the timing is identical to the movie version), in case you want to keep that in mind when planning your costume. 18 and up ONLY.

Casting for Trixie Revue (Saturday before The All Star Show, not DURING):

    Jennifer Swineford (Heavy Petting)
    Ruth Savitzky (Full Body Cast)
    Veronica (Vicarious Theater Company)
    Gayle (Divine Decadence)
    Anne-Elise (Sins o' the Flesh)
    Gina Radogna (Sins o' the Flesh)
    Cindy (Sins o' the Flesh)
    Christina (Sins o' the Flesh)
    Lauren (Sins o' the Flesh)
    Barbara Glikin (Independent)
    Joy (Midnight Insanity)
    Sheila Price (Interchangable Parts)
    Scarlett Letter (Wild and Untamed Things)
    Monique Martin (Indecent Exposure)
    Amy (Crazed Imaginations)
    Jessica Kleinbaum (Interchangable Parts)
Looking forword to seeing you naked, um, seeing all of you there!

The Cirque Du Rockeil Convention Committee
Mark, Marty, Becky, Bill and Brandon


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