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Costume Contest Rules

The following information includes the categories and competition guidelines for the costume contest at the Cirque du Rockeil convention in June of 2005.

Contestants will be judged on costume as far as the movie shows what you are wearing. That means you may have to show your bra, slip or underwear for accuracy. No Midnight Insanity cast member will be eligible to compete in this contest.

CATEGORIES (not in order of judging or presentation necessarily):


For Rocky Horror costumes, there will be a SCREEN ACCURATE and CREATIVE categories per each character, and will be judged separately. Small hand props will be allowed in all categories.


BEST MALE ST COSTUME regardless of character
BEST FEMALE COSTUME regardless of character

Judging of ST characters will be done Friday so the cast will be already in costume.

Hand Prop: anything the character holds during the movie that is not clothing and can be held in one hand. Riff holds the handle of the monitor board..that is not a hand prop. Al Pacino holds a hand gun in Scarface...that is a prop. We will not be defining it any further than that because to do so would be to make the costume contest a paint by numbers and part of the competition is to see how much you notice or think of yourself.

For this reason we will not answer any specific individual questions about which items are or are not handprops. Handprops will be given the least weight of any of the judging criteria, but might make a difference if the costumes are close. If it adorns you then it is not a hand prop, it is a costume piece.

Except for ST judging, the contest will take place on Saturday at the Cashman Theater. At this time, we think the judging will take place in the early afternoon, so those who want to watch the contest may, and those who do not want to watch can visit vendor tables, etc. during that time. The winners will be announced before the film is shown on Saturday. Same applies for Shock Treatment costumes on Friday.

All costumes are to be judged as close as possible on Movie Accuracy. The judges will have the following categories on a sheet to rate from one to ten.

Completeness, Colors, Materials, Pattern or Design, Fit, Makeup, Hair, Props if applicable

Character is an intangible that can not be quantified. It is not a judging criterion, but MI can not warranty what effect it may or may not have on the judges. There will be no ancilliary people allowed to assist you in the costume contest i.e. No Columbia rushing up to Eddie for the lifts, no Riff removing a rag from Rocky's head etc.

Each category will be judged by 5 qualified people. Not all categories will be judged by the SAME five people. There will be basically four main judges, and each category will have a specialist judge. The specialist will have acute knowledge of the particular category. In some cases the specialist judge will have been a previous costume contest winner in that particular category. If there is a conflict of interest in a certain category for any judge and alternate will be appointed for that category.

Judges will fill out a point sheet themselves and will not be allowed to confer.

Judges sheets will be given to an independent accountant who will do the math and seal the results for presentation at the theater Saturday Night before we screen Rocky Horror. Same applies for Shock Treatment on Friday.

Judges will not be announced prior to the convention, as we need to confirm first their willingness, qualifications and attendance. You will be asked if you are being considered as a judge.

First place winners in each category will get a personalized award and a certificate. Second place will get a certificate.

So long as you can make a quick change, you may enter multiple costume categories. The order of judging has not yet been determined, and may not be determined until the day of the contest. We hope to accomodate all timing requests so everyone can enter twice if they wish. The award ceremony will be a short presentation where you will announce your name, where you are from and cast if you wish.

Any questions regarding the Costume Contest for either movie, please email the convention committee at

The Cirque Du Rockeil Convention Committee
Mark, Marty, Becky, Bill and Brandon


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