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Special Performance Guidelines

Special performances at the MI Convention in June 2005, Cirque du Rockeil will need to consider the following. We are trying to be as flexible as we can within the confines of our venue and running things smoothly. In order to accomplish this we have developed the following guidelines. Please keep these in mind when planning your special performance.

You should let us know as soon as possible if you are planning on performing an original number at CDR. Note: Only original performances will be allowed. If you've performed this specific piece before, please do not expect to perform it at CDR. You do not have to have it all planned out yet...we would just like to start getting an idea of who and how many. Short concept descriptions should be mailed or emailed....with rough cut of music and time estimate if possible by May 15th, 2005. This is what we will use to determine placement in the lineup. Your FINAL recording on CD should be turned in AT registration...not at the show.

Most special performances will be presented at the New Frontier Hotel Ballroom as part of the Friday evening festivities. There will be a stage, and we will notify you as soon as we settle on dimensions.

10 minutes max (we are not counting seconds but keep it as close to 10 minutes as possible.)

Performance MUST have a clear connection to RHPS or ST or both. If you have questions please email or call us.

Any props you want, so long as you can set up in 1 minute, and break down in 1 minute (and that includes sweeping the stage, as necessary). No storing of props allowed in the Ballroom. All props will need to be removed from the room following each performance. Please be sure you recruit staff to set up, break down and move the props back to someone's room immediately following your performance. Access will be from the lobby through a double door.

No moisture of any or anything sticky can be used in your SP.

Music or sound must be submitted on CD with ONLY the music you want us to play. We will push 'play', and let the CD run until you take your bow, so we may avoid cutting anyone's performance short. We will need a rough cut if not a final cut of the music on CD sent to us by May 15th, 2005. You may bring your final copy to the convention but it must be turned in to us at registration

Please submit a cast photo and written description of your performance by May 15th if you wish credit in the program. Color photos prefered, no smaller than 5x7. If you wish to send a digital file in email, please make sure it's a .tff or .psd file, 5x7 at 300dpi. If you cannot accomodate these requirements, please send us a hardcopy in snail-mail.

MI Spot ops are pretty good and will light your performance on the fly. You may make lighting requests in writing and we will try to accomodate you.

If this seems is to try to avoid confict and confusion. If it seems inadequate please notify us with any questions.

Thank you
Mark, Becky, Bill, Marty, Brandon and the cast of Midnight Insanity

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