Frankie Goes to Hollywood!!

Hollywood/Hotel Parking

For those driving into town, or renting a car while here ... parking at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel appears to be $12 a night (ouch!) for registered guests. Convenient, but not cheap.

Next to the hotel there's a parking structure that charges $9 a night ... a little better, but they were also closed at 11pm on a Friday night, with the lot gated shut. This wouldn't be very practical for people going to Canter's after Rocky (or going out for that late-night booze run).    

Now, next to the parking structure that's next to the hotel is an open parking lot that charges $6 a night (or $4 with validation from the El Captian Theatre :-)). The lot has no gate to close, and is easily within walking distance to the hotel. Their hours are roughly 6 or 7am till 10 or 11pm ... so if we left at ~3am for Canter's and came back at ~5am, I doubt they'd notice.

The place is called "Quality Parking". To get there ... the Roosevelt hotel is located on Hollywood and N. Orange Drive. Turn down N. Orange Drive, alongside the hotel. Down a ways on your left is a large parking structure. Turn left *just* before the parking structure, down the alleyway. You should be able to see the "Quality Parking" sign ... the lot is on your right, just past the parking structure.

You can also go *around* the structure, and turn left on the street past the parking structure instead of using the alley. However, I figure folks carrying lots of stuff would want to take the shortest path, and it really didn't look like a dangerous alley at all.

If you're lucky, you can find street parking too ... just be careful about all the various street sweeper "No Parking" times. Hollywood watches parking violators like a hawk. :-(


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