20th Anniversary

The Rocky Horror Picture Show's 20th Anniversary, "The Master's Affair" (same title as the 15th) took place on October 20th and 21st, 1995, and was attended by numerous casts, plus featured guests Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn and Barry Bostwick.

The Friday event (October 20th) took place at the Roxy Theatre where "The Rocky Horror Show" originally played in Los Angeles. Midnight Insanity performed our special performance, "The Time Warp Zone", which was so well received, that we were chosen to perform it again the following night, at the Pantages Theatre. Midnight Insanity also took part in the full stage performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, also on Saturday night, at the Pantages.

Rocky Horror returns to the Roxy (#1)

Rocky Horror returns to the Roxy (#2)

Barry, Pat and Richard

Barry Bostwick

Patricia Quinn (#1)

Patricia Quinn (#2)

Richard O'Brien

Dori Hartley

'One' -- Indecent Exposure

Dammit, Janet -- The Time Warp Zone

Frozen in Time -- The Time Warp Zone

Once in a While -- The Time Warp Zone

Dammit, Janet -- Indecent Exposure

Sweet Transvestite -- Curtis Mahshi

Floor Show (Brad) -- Bill Ung

Time Warp Zone

Jeff's Tattoo


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