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Anthony -- Diva
Anthony *May 2001*

Audience Member Of The Month Questionaire:
  • Name: CrAzE aNtHoNy
  • Nick Name(s): DIVA!!!! SEXY BITCH ANT DOG!!!!!!
  • If God Didn't Want Us To Eat Animals, Why Did He Make Them Out Of Meat: don't ask me!!! This one ask him I am sure he would be more then happy 2 answer it 4 u!
  • DOB: A Fag should never tell *winK*
  • Sex: ooo fuck yeah all the time!!!!!!! do u want 2 be next?? take a # ''o)
  • Thong Or Full Back: hmmmmmm who know what mood i am in i like 2 ware whatever is cute cause u never know what your going 2 be doing when u go out so i always have something cute on
  • Sexual Preference: okay!!!!!!! hello cant u tell I am GAY!!!!!!!! FUCK!
  • Why Is It That If Someone Tells You There Are A. Billion Stars In The Galaxy You Believe Them? But If They Tell You The Wall Has Wet Paint You Have To Touch To Make Sure: HMMMM I DON'T KNOW!!!
  • How Long Have You Been An Audience Member: TOOOOOO DAM LONG!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE 4 YEARS I THINK?
  • Favorite Color: I Love the color black!!!! I ware it all the time and it goes with everything and I look fucking hot in it but I am not gothic.... That was so 5 years ago.......
  • If Someone Says A Penny For Your Thoughts And You Put Your Two Cents In Where Does The Extra Penny Go: fuck in my ass!!!!! i dunno
  • Favorite Character: Jack from will and grace he is 2 fuckin funny And frank love him!
  • Do You Fantasize About BoB: you know what!!!! OK and u say what Anthony!!!..... I am so gay I am sorry bob u just do it 4 me what so ever but I still love ya but..... no!
  • Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want: OK you really want 2 know what I want OK... I shall tell your sorry ass I want 2 be a famous rock star that has every one worship the ground he walks on ..... and have all the money in the world so I can go shopping at Gucci and all my favorite stores!! I kinda want 2 be that male version of Madonna she so fuckin cool I worship the ground she walks on !!!!
  • Do Your Parents Know You're Here: no!!! There 2 busy fuckin! its kinda gross but I am over it.....
  • I'm So Goth ... : I am so not Goth I am sorry that was 5 years ago and yes I do ware black but there cute black clothes these days Goth cant dress worth a shit they have a big long coat and some ugly shoes and they have the balls 2 say there Goth..... I don't think so 5 years ago it was hot!!!! but no one knows how 2 dress Goth anymore ... but no I am not OOO so Goth I am OOO so glam!!!!! i am so glam I bleed glitter lol *winK*
  • What's The Meaning Of Life: hmmmm let me think............. to fuck as many boys u can LOL jk! Well, just 2 have the time of your life and reach all your goals and your dreams and just have a fuckin kick ass time!!!! So that what I think so deal wit it!!!
  • E-Mail: if u really have 2 know!!! its <> so just drop a line of wisdom i would like that ''o)
  • Homepage:
  • How Many Cups Of Sugar Does It Take To Get To The Moon: hmmm u know what i really don't know! but u drop a lot of acid i am sure that would get ya 2 moon it always work 4 me!!! u should try it!
  • Comments / Quotes:

      I like to singy singy singy
      Like a bird on a wingy wingy wingy
      I like to rhumba rhumba rhumba
      Dance to a samba samba sambaI'm in a trance
      And the word is spinning
      Spinning baby out of control
      I'm in a trance
      I let the music take
      Take me where my heart wants to go

      We could use the cage
      I've got a lot of rope
      I'm not full of rage
      I'm full of hope
      This is not a crime and you're not on trial
      Bend over baby, I'm gonna make you smile Light the candles, 'til they're nice
      and soft
      And when they start to drip, I'm gonna get you offGive it up, do as I say
      Give it up and let me have my way
      I'll give you love, I'll hit you like a truck
      I'll give you love, I'll teach you how to ...
      Every straight guy should have a man's tongue in his mouth at least once
      Fuck is not a bad word. Fuck is a good word. Fuck is the reason I am here. If
      your mother and father did not fuck you would not be here tonight ... so fuck

      Everyone thinks I'm a nymphomaniac but I'd rather read a book.

      A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That's why they don't get
      what they want.

      Power is a great aphrodisiac, and I'm a very powerful person.

      I realize that I don't have limits. Limits are always influences that come
      from outside, from people who don't believe in themselves and their
      abilities. I firmly believe in myself. I know that I can do whatever I want
      and that I'll always reach my goals.

      Let me put it this way: I've certainly had fantasies of fucking women, but
      I'm not a lesbian.

      I hate people who hate fags!. Actually I hate people who hate!

      Sometimes I think that what I do is like being a modern day Geisha.

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