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Panther *June 2004*

Audience Member Of The Month Questionaire:
  • Name: Mysti Dawn Murray
  • Nick Name(s): Mouse, Mystic, Bitch, Dawny, Panther, and Emerald
  • DOB: 2-21-84 same day as my moms b-day!
  • Why is it that night falls, but day breaks?: Because the day sucks and the night rocks!! I love the night!!!!
  • Sex: Lots of it, oh I mean female!!!
  • Sexual Preference: I've been with a girl but I prefer guys!!!
  • Why are a wise man and a wise guy opposites?: ....Ummmm..... hmmmm..... good question but I don't know!! I think my blonde is showing, oh god time for a dye job!!!!
  • Marital Status: Very Single
  • How Long Have You Been An Audience Member: Since Pirate Night '04 (Yea I've only been going a little while but I am very noticeable and unforgettable... obviously!!!)
  • Do ghosts believe in us?: Absolutely because we rock!!!!
  • Favorite Color: Green, Blood Red and Black
  • Favorite Character: Frank and Magenta and the Trannies of course!!!
  • Who Do You Fantasize About?: SSSSSHHHHHHH.......It's a secret, I can't tell you!!!
  • What does a flying f#!k look like?: A dick with wings!!! Or a vagina with wings!!! Depending on your preference!
  • Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want: I want life to make sense and for the road through life to not be soo curvy. And maybe a nice house for my mom (I love my mommy!) and me with a black and red Plymouth Prowler for me and any car my mom wants. Ohh and enough money to keep us VERY comfortable for the rest of our lives!!! (I really don't want much!)
  • Do Your Parents Know You're Here: Of course my mom knows and she can't wait to come back herself!!!
  • I'm So Goth ... : I dress dark but I have a hyper but intoxicating personality and I can be a total bitch so I'm not sure I'm Goth per say! It all depends on your perception.
  • Is there anyone else who Elton John felt lived their life like a candle in the wind?: I don't know but I'll ask him next time I see him but we'll probably find out the next time a major star dies!!!
  • What's The Meaning Of Life: Leave what happens in the past, in the past and push through everything to get to the next day without any regret. Never regret anything and live life to its fullest. (Maybe I should take my own suggestions) Oh yea and Sex, Love and Rock & Roll!!!
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    • "Life's a bitch then you die"
    • "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

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