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Danny-Banana-Berry *April 2012*

Audience Member Of The Month Questionaire:
  • Name: Daniel Paul
  • Nick Name(s): Danny, Dan, Danny-Banana-Berry, "That jerk in the front row"
  • DOB: March 20
  • Sex: Male
  • Sexual Preference: Women
  • Favorite Sexual Position?: A gentleman never tells....while sober.
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Favorite Color: Orange
  • Favorite Character: Dr. Cosmo McKinley/ Bert Schnick
  • How Long Have You Been An Audience Member: About 6 months?
  • How far do you travel to get to the show: 37.7 miles one way. That also depends upon how bad the parking situation is in Long Beach. I think I can tack on another couple miles driving in circles for a parking spot.
  • What is your favorite theme night we've done?: The April Fools "Rocky Soup" night was so hilarious!
  • What theme night do you wish we would do?: LOST night. I sit in seat 108 every week for a reason!
  • What makes MI special to you?: The cast, the fans, the callbacks...oh yes, the CALLBACKS!
  • Who Do You Fantasize About?: Having a "perfect game". A "perfect game" is a show in which I make every cast member break character. I've come damn close on a couple of nights, but I'm still working on it.
  • Do Your Parents Know You're Here: I'm very, very old, so itís difficult to remember, but I believe my parents died of cholera in 1866. Assuming the reader has a Judeo-Christian belief in the afterlife, itís safe to assume they know I'm here. Otherwise, probably not.
  • What is your favorite part of the show?: The part where the DTV logo comes on the screen! Then my hopes are dashed yet again each week when I realize they're NOT showing Shock Treatment.
  • How much Rocky Memorabilia/merchandise do you have?: I've got the blu-ray. I had to buy it so I can legitimately scream at Mandi and tell her "DO IT LIKE YOU DID ON THE BLU-RAY!!" I've also got some pins, and a couple of choice blue party horns I held on to from the flaming bags of shit.
  • How was your first rocky show?: It was an LA cast showing in the early 90's. (1990ís) I went with a co-worker from the independent video store I worked in, so we had already watched the film a bunch of times in our store. Finally we said, fuck it, let's go see it after our shift. I remember being pretty tipsy. It was very loud, and there was an enormous crowd that night.
  • Who devirginized you: the LA cast. It was horrifying. Iím still in therapy. These Long Beach virgins have it VERY EASY. (With the exception of the tampon/tomato juice sacrifice. I throw up a little bit in my mouth when you guys do that one!)
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  • Comments / Quotes:
      This is Danny. He's pretty badass. Oh, Danny is just crazy! Danny has been referred to by the Guinness Book of World Records as the most fearless animal in the animal kingdom. he really doesn't give a shit. If he's hungry, he's hungry.

      Danny don't care. He just takes what he wants. Danny is really pretty badass. He has no regard for any other animal whatsoever. Look at him, he's just grunting, and eating snakes. Oh that's nasty. He's so nasty. Oh look he's chasing things and eating them.

      And of course, what does Danny have to eat for the next two weeks? Cobra.

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