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David *October 2002*

Audience Member Of The Month Questionaire:
  • Name: David Henry
  • Nick Name(s): Skimpy (prefered), Carrot Top, Q-tip, Justin
  • DOB: 12-24-85
  • What Do Noises Taste Like: carpet
  • Sex: I bet i could make a really funny joke by putting 'yes please' right here. Person with a penis.
  • Sexual Preference: Ummm women . . no men . . no women, a hell im greedy i'll take both
  • Marital Status: Hooked Up with one sexy lady
  • Why Is The Sky Blue: The sky is blue now? Why did no one tell me this? This changes my whole outlook on life.
  • How Long Have You Been An Audience Member: About a Year
  • Favorite Color: Dark Blue or Black
  • Favorite Character: Frank
  • Why Is A Person Who Plays The Piano Called A Pianist, But A Person Who Drives A Race Car Not Called A Racist: Im not sure why, i will get my people on this to have it changed.
  • Do You Fantasize About BoB: Too much. My doctor is telling me to cut back
  • Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want: A good film doucmenting the life of a tapeworm
  • Do Your Parents Know You're Here: Yes . . mabey . . . somethimes . . .ok no.
  • Why Do We Drive On Parkways And Park On Driveways: Ohh, That's why my car keeps getting towed
  • I'm So Goth ... : Black is become too light of a color for me
  • What's The Meaning Of Life: To spin a big wheel with numbers and put little pegs in my car and get to retirement with lots of money
  • E-Mail:
  • If You Had One Day Left On The Planet, And You Could Do Whatever You Wanted To, What Kind Of Cheeze Would You Eat: It's the end of the world why not try them all.
  • Homepage: none
  • Comments / Quotes:
    • "Most welcome, bondage, for thou art a way, I think, to liberty." -W. Shakespeare, Cymbeline V:iv
    • Dose the dog wag the tail, or dose the tail wag the dog?
    • You can not create an experience. You must undergo it.

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