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June 22, 2001
  • James Norman has put together a few more useful pages for con. You can get some basic information about the con via a "wireless web" cell phone, here:

    James has also added a room registry, here:

    So folks can announce which room they are in, and make it a little easier to find all your friends. :-)

    Thanks again, James!!

June 21, 2001
  • Welcome to Frankie Goes to Hollywood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • If you have questions about the con, you can reach the Convention Committee members here:

      Mark Tomaino (Toll Free)(877) 271-8471
      Becky (Director) or Marty Roberts(562) 577-8199
      Colleen Cantwell(714) 932-7477
      Bill Ung(714) 915-8762
      Steve Guerrero(714) 420-7477
  • Registration takes place in Mark's room ... which is in the tower, Room 1238.
June 20, 2001
  • The "A Regular Frankie Fan", special initial release FGTH edition will be on sale, with 300 numbered copies as I said before.

    Five of these will have Golden Tickets which will be redeemable for five VERY Cool prizes that are ranging (honestly) from medium rare to SUPER rare...tho the exact items are not being divulged. Remember, the makers of the film are RHPS and ST fans from way back and have some really cool stuff in their collections ... Good Luck!!

  • Elvira will be appearing as Cassandra Peterson at the con Friday to present an award, and on Saturday to view her movie and do Q and A afterwards. A couple of the movies stars will also be there. The crew does not want to be bothered during the film but will probably sign a few autographs before leaving.
  • Midnight Insanity would like to take a moment to thank all of our Sponsors. Please visit their websites!!
June 19, 2001
  • Patricia Quinn is in town!! We took a few pics of her yesterday out by the Roxy, check them out, here.
  • If you're arriving early on Thursday, be sure to check out this bulletin regarding travel on that day.
June 18, 2001
  • Hotel/Travel page has been added ... mainly just making some things easier to find.   
  • James Norman has added a "who's coming" page, much like the one he had up for the 25th Convention ... go sign up!!

  • Softball teams have been updated, these should be final now.
June 16, 2001
  • When the Rocky Horror Show was playing at the Roxy, the marquis had a five foot tall Columbia Head on top of the marquis. Rick Sloan has kindly agreed to allow us to display this fragile piece of history. This will be on display at the Oscar Horror Picture Show on Friday.

    Rick also informs me that in 1979 he organized a convention at ............ the ROOSEVELT hotel, which had yet to be refurbished.

    Interesting in that the hotel we used in 97 in Anaheim was the site of a Rocky Horror con in 80, and now the 2001 MI con again revisits history ... both times unbeknownst to us until long after plans were made. Spooky.

June 15, 2001
  • Making her first appearance at a fan convention in more than a decade, PATRICIA QUINN is coming to do the Time Warp with us!! She'll be doing some singing, some Time Warping, some Q&A, and might even play some Softball with us!!
  • Shock Treatment T-Shirts are in!! Check out a picture of them here. Limited quantities are available, get 'em at the con!!
June 13, 2001
  • It's confirmed!! Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) will be appearing at Frankie Goes to Hollywood on both Friday and Saturday night!! She'll also will be answering questions on Saturday, after we finish screening her new movie, Elvira's Haunted Hills.
  • A special release of the documentary A Regular Frankie Fan narrated by Paul Williams in the character of Swan from Phantom of the Paradise, numbered from 1-300 will be on sale at convention at $20 each. Store release date of the regular edition (different packaging and different content) will be October 6. Magick Films will be bringing some stuff to give away..including some SHOCK TREATMENT HALF SHEET POSTERS from 1980 and some other stuff. If there are any left after con they will be available for mail order ... see for details as they are available.
June 9, 2001
  • Elvira's Haunted Hills, a new movie starring Elvira and Richard O'Brien (opening October 2001) will present a Sneak Preview at Frankie Goes to Hollywood!! For the trailer and cast photos, go to We also have a promo shot up, here.
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Saturday night casting list has been updated. One or two people have been added, and cast affiliations have been included for reference. Barring any last-minute changes, this cast list should be considered final. A copy will be included in the Convention Program. The RHPS cast list is available here.
  • For those driving into town, or renting a car while here ... be sure to park your car at Quality Parking, which has the best prices in the immediate vicinity. Information and directions are located here.
  • Team rosters have been updated for the Softball Grudge Match!! The latest team lineups are posted here.
  • Many new "Preview Pics" have been added, with more coming soon!! Check out the latest pics here.
June 5, 2001
  • A rundown of MI's RHPS props (by Becky) is available here.
Jun 04, 2001
  • The Registration Deadline has now officially passed. Tickets will still be available at the door, but a late fee will apply. With the con only weeks away, MI is busy polishing Davids and tasting weenies, in order to ensure you the best possible Hollywood Experience(TM)!!

    We look forward to seeing you, so find a way to get your ticket!!

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Saturday night performance has been CAST!! The RHPS cast list is available here.

    Shock Treatment casting is still being worked on. We will post it as soon as possible. Rest assured, if you applied for a role, you've got at least one scene. If you would like to perform ANY role accept Ansalong or Nation, PLEASE E-Mail Becky us as soon as possible! There are scenes available in most roles!

  • A few Preview Pics have been added to the site, with more coming as we get closer to convention. Hope you like 'em!!
  • A Regular Frankie the super cool Magick Films...will be available in special edition advance copy video at the convention.

    The film is narrated by Paul Williams AS SWAN of Death Records (Phantom of the Paradise) character...sounds cool.

    The film will be shown for the first time to the public (con going public) on Saturday afternoon at the convention.

  • Thanks to Larry V who is bringing some rare mystery footage of RHS at the Roxy with Kim Milford singing Sword of Damocles and definitely..he tells me..some footage of Frank. He has never seen this before as it is in 16mm but MI has purchased a projector just for the purpose of showing this at the convention.

    As the first ever critic and leader of the attack of ebays use of the term super rare..I feel I am qualfied to say that this footage is officially SUPER RARE!


May 29, 2001
  • Since some folks will be visiting us this Saturday for Lavar's Farewell Show, we have decided to waive the $10 late fee if you bring your convention registration payment to the show on Saturday, June 2nd.

    Alternatively, if you absolutely can't make it to the show but promise to be there in spirit, we'll also waive the $10 late fee if you mail your registration payment in, just make sure it's postmarked by June 2nd.

    PS: Lavar will be at the con!!

  • MI is proud to announce that Dark Refrain's Bruce Cutter will be on hand to purvey his fabulous array of rare and exciting RHPS and related merchandise. Bruce has been in this since the beginning and is one of the foremost collectors and providers of RHPS wares.
  • In addition, the following zippo style lighters will be for sale at convention. They come with no fluid so we can ship them if needed. Price will be 12 dollars each.
  • Griffith Park will no longer be the site of the big east west showdown softball game. We came to find out that there is no ballpark there we can use.

    We have rented the ballfield at Roxbury Park in Beverly Hills. It is an official little league diamond with fences bases bullpen and scorers booth. We have also rented four picnic tables beyond centerfield. Go to here for photos. We even photographed the facilities.

    There are, by the way, conference rooms and a childrens playground (see photo). We have reserved the picnic area from 9-6 on Sunday June 24 and the ballfield from 3-5 so the game will start at 3. There is a four foot fence around the outfield so if you have a banner you would like to hang during the game feel free.

May 23, 2001
  • Overflow hotel information has been updated with some hotels added, and one removed (we don't recommend you stay at the Best Western, it's too far away). The Overflow hotel information page is located here.

  • Also, a new page has been added, covering the Super Shuttle, which can take you from LAX to/from the hotel for $15.00.
  • Last, we added an overview Map of the Metro Rail system ... if you'd prefer to that route.
May 22, 2001
  • The Budget Rent a Car of Beverly Hills is offering a 20% discount off of their Corporate Rates. Curbside service...pick up at the gate if you are flying in to LAX. They will bring your car, load your luggage and give you a map. No taking the car rental bus to a far away parking lot, your car is right there.

    They also offer special cars like PT Cruisers, Porsches and Ferraris. They can rent you a cell phone and offer 24 hr. roadside assistance. These rates are available only to FGTH attendees.

    800-729-7350 ext 162 offer code 84RHC for preferred service.

  • Information is now posted on the Softball Grudge Match ... if you wanna play, they're still looking for players for the East Coast Team.
May 18, 2001
  • If you want to avoid the $10 late registration fee please make sure your registrations are postmarked by June 1. We must finalize our counts with the hotel...and can make adjustments afterwards but will have to pay increased rates for the events. You can STILL REGISTER after this date but please add $10 to each ticket order or at the door purchase. Convention registration forms are located here.
  • Also, the Roosevelt hotel is now sold out!! We have posted overflow hotel information for those still looking for a room. If you'd like to sign up for a room at the Roosevelt, you might want to send Email to Mark to get on the waiting list, in the event that a Roosevelt room becomes available.
May 15, 2001
  • Sorry for the late reminder ... we're still compiling music for the con, and we'd love to hear your input on your favorite songs.

    If you've got music you'd like us to play, or would like to submit your Top 5, please get it in by May 20th.

    Send all musical submissions to Bill ... thanks!!

May 12, 2001
  • We are currently casting Eddies for FGTH

    Typically Eddies...who have one scene and one scene only ..get screwed at conventions as they can not split a part. There is room for several Franks Magentas etc who can divide up scenes. Eddie is one scene. Before I played Eddie I used to call one of our Eddies "One Scene". Now he calls me that.

    But at Frankie Goes to Hollywood we have openings for SEVERAL people to play Eddie. And we will need each one to have a Columbia. If you can not afford a Columbia one will be provided for you at Midnight Insanity's expense.

    We have one Eddie signed up so far (not myself) but we want at least four or more. Please if you are an Eddie get your performance request in as we have an Eddie Spectacle planned the likes of which has never been scene (sic) before!

    Send Email to Mark if you would like to perform.

May 11, 2001
  • See the David Awards ..with painted toe nails, lipstick and awaiting speakers to be hung on them (on order)....

    The larger one is the actual award...we will be giving away about a dozen to various categories at the Oscar Horror Picture Show at the Roosevelt Hotel on June 22.

May 9, 2001
  • For those interested in purchasing ad space in the convention program, the deadline for getting advertisements in is May 31st.

    Prices are $25 for a quarter-page ad, $50 for a half-page ad, and $100 for a full-page ad.

    Please contact Mark Tomaino for more information.

  • If you'd prefer to get a booth at the convention (comes with a free program ad), click here.
May 3, 2001
  • In regards to the casting: Many people have expressed concern that we will be elitist or only cast those with perfect costumes, character, etc. It is true MI puts a lot of emphasis on the visual aspect of the show, but for the purposes of this convention...if you are a performer in a role, and you want to perform at FGTH, we are gonna cast you IF AT ALL POSSIBLE. All we want to know is that you have SOME reasonable semblance of a costume and that you have performed the part you are asking for on a regular basis. We do not feel con is a place for you to audition for a role you have never played. We do not expect everyone to be the best, but we do want to present what is happening in RHPS around the country.
  • If there are parts open after that time..or if there is fall out..we will consider the others even if they registered after that time. But officially the deadline is May 15th.

  • We also need to know who is doing Special Performances ... please Email Mark if you have not reserved a performing space already.
May 1, 2001
  • The convention performance deadline is May 15th.

    This means that if your cast is planning a special performance at the con, we need to have a short concept descriptions ... with rough cut of music and time estimate if possible by May 15th. Final cut of the music is due at registration.

    Also, if you would like to perform in either the Rocky Horror or Shock Treatment performances, please let us know by May 15th. You must be registered to request a performance role in RHPS or ST. Final casting for both performances should be released around June 1st.

    Convention applications are located here ... Special Performance guidelines are located here.

Apr 25, 2001
  • We have created a promotional banner for the convention, which you can add to your webpages, then let us know and we'll add you to ours!! Click here for instructions on how to link to us, or click here to see the list of sites already participating.
Apr 14, 2001
  • We have moved the Saturday trade show portion of the convention...where Bob Simon and Sal Piro will be speaking, and there will be vendor tables and a showing of "A Regular Frankie Fan" (View Trailers). Your tremendous response have given us need of the larger Blossom Room ... the same room we will be using Friday night for The Oscar Horror Picture Show!!

    Thank you
    Midnight Insanity

  • Costume contest awards at FGTH will be made by MI main characters ... the winner of best Tranny will receive all of the bears in the photo ... plus a Coolio tranny bear (not pictured ... he was taking the picture).

    These bears were made by our Trannies and are costumed to correspond to each tranny in the movie.

    Win the tranny contest and you will have them all!!

Apr 12, 2001
  • If you are a cast leader at a theater in the contintental US and you did not receive a 10*12 approx envelope with convention kit materails please Email Mark your:


    These were sent to all theaters that we could find running rhps and noted for the RHPS cast. Hopefully the theater menagers did not trash these but if you have not received one please let us know and we will send one.

April 4, 2001

  • The Midnight Insanity Rate at the Roosevelt Hotel deadline for guaranteed rooms is April 9. After that the remaining rooms in our block will be released for general public at a much higher rate. IF you call after April 9 AND there are still rooms, then you CAN get the MI rate...but keep in mind that at this time there are NO rooms available for that weekend EXCEPT the MI rooms and when the unsold ones are released they will be the first and only ones the hotel has to rent for that weekend.

    Make your reservations soon....even if you have not registered for the con. Hotel reservation information is located here.

Mar 24, 2001

  • Casting will begin April 1 THAT DOES NOT MEAN that casting will be done by April will not be final until May 15 (except for emergency changes after that).

    The only people we can consider are those who send in their registration otherwise we will not be certain a cast character will be there. Please register soon, especially if you want to play a part as we will be swamped as the time draws nigh.

Mar 22, 2001

  • Special Performance Guidelines have been updated. The deadline to submit music for Special Performances is May 15th.

    If you are planning a Special Performance for FGTH please have someone from your cast Email Mark us so we can start making time slots for the Oscar Horror Picture Show. We currently have about a half dozen and we want to make sure we plan time for all...the sooner we know the better. Just an informal note or Email will do.

  • The White Trash Debutantes are scheduled to perform at the Frankie Goes to Hollywood Convention, at the Thursday June 21 opening reception at the Roosevelt Hotel.

    WTD (of which Margaret Cho is a former member) is a mostly punk band fronted by Ginger Coyote...long time punk diva. The band does music for Nash Bridges sound tracks and has a novelty hit called "Don't Mess with Susan Lucci" that gets airplay around Oscar time every year.

    They have been performing a version of Time Warp and have added Floor show and Touch Me to their repertiore in preparation for the convention. They will also be learning some ST numbers as well as some more Rocky songs. The band has toured with the Ramones and Blondie (read their website for all their credits) and have appeared on Jerry Springer. This band is the perfect band for a con....Drag Queens, hot chicks in lingerie, pierced rockabilly dudes, but most of all INCREDIBLE talent, including a MAD MAD drummer.

    They are also really incredibly nice people and may be selling tapes and CDs at the con. here are the titles of some of their songs that are all great listening...and I (Mark) am not even into the punk (abilly) but these guys have MAJOR talent.

      Livin La Vida Loca (Fukkin great cover)
      Punk rock Republican
      Bad in Bed
      Part Time Celebrity
      (I want a) Kennedy (that's hot in bed)
      Boys and Booze

    They will be doing one or two sets at our dance party......They are amazing...and we look forward to having them perform.

Mar 15, 2001

  • The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is filling up fast. There are still rooms left under the MI room block, HOWEVER they are otherwise sold out for that weekend. That means that the MI room block are the ONLY rooms available and if it gets sold out then there will be no opportunity to increase the room block like we have done before.

    Remember the Thursday night reception and dance, the Friday night Oscar Horror Picture Show Awards Ceremony, Shock Treatment, the Costume contest, special performances and registration will all be at the Roosevelt.

    Hotel reservation information is located here.

Mar 10, 2001

  • We would like to do a RHPS top 20 countdown or something like it at the dance party thursday everyone who would like to please Email Mark your TOP FIVE DANCE FAVORITES and we will announce the top 20 at the convention and make sure we get everyones favorite music best we the convention.
    At registration we will be asking everyone to vote for the David Award to be given at the OSCAR HORROR PICTURE awards SHOW in the category of (among con goers)

      BEST ASS

    David statues will be awarded to these people at the show Friday 6/22/01.

Feb 28, 2001

  • Magick Films will be showing their Rocky Horror Documentary, "A Regular Frankie Fan" (narrated by Paul Williams) at our convention on Saturday, 6/23/01. You can view/download trailers for the film, here.
  • We have been told that there are some people who have made online reservations at the Roosevelt that are below the convention rate that they are offering.

    We spoke to the hotel today and he said that those rates are back up waiting list reservations. He said that the hotel does not have any obligation to honor those rates. The idea of a booking agreement is so that people dont get turned away. He said at that time of year the hotel will definitely be sold out and that those reservations would be the first the be cancelled. He said they "hardly ever" honor that rate and those who have those reservations will end up paying 179 instead of the con rate or 119.

    It is up to you......but if you have made an online reservation understand it is definitely not guaranteed and most likely not going to be available when you arrive. To be assured of your reservation please contact the hotel for the Midnight Insanity rate.


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